A Thing of the Spirit

"No organization exists nor succeeds without the full knowledge of the whereabouts of its Alumni members; thus it is everyone’s responsibility to assist in locating members who have been lost. With no Alumni there is no Lodge.”

- Hu Pierson, P 1945

Lost Alumni

We attempt to keep the opportunities available within Chi Psi known to all. Sometimes we lose touch especially given the mobile world in which we live. Help us reunite with those Brothers for whom we have lost contact. 

Several times per year we will list the names of those Brothers for whom we need updated contact information.  Should you have current information for one of these Brothers, please contact us and let us know.

A Tribute to Fellowship

A Tribute to FellowshipAlpha Rho Night, August 11, 1989 was also the occasion for a surprise presentation to H.G. 'Bones' Lundberg, P 1924. Herbert Dunmeyer, Rho 1954, the moving spirit of the Alumni Association Committee, made the presentation of an original sculpture depicting Bones with his hands on the shoulders of every Brother whose life he had touched. Sitting in with Bones, alongside the sculpture is Thomas Storr, #1, P 1990.