A Thing of the Spirit

“The cultivation of an elevated and refined friendship…” Think where — and who — we were when we first heard these words. We were young Chi Psis creating precious memories together, learning how to be gentlemen, forging our silver Bonds of friendship and fraternal love.

As “our chosen sons,” accept this invitation to renew those Bonds. The exalted friendships we first made at Chi Psi are priceless — but the costs of bricks and mortar aren’t.

Our message is simple: we need your help to renovate our Lodge. Together we can preserve the best years of our lives — For the Rest of Our Lives!

- Capital Campaign Committee

Renovation Background Information

The original section of the Lodge, with the dining room and foyer, was built in 1859. The section holding the Living Room and Library was added in 1926. Amazingly the Lodge still contains the original cloth covered wiring, cast iron drains, and original radiators and steam piping. Unfortunately these obsolete building materials are starting to cause some problems. The radiator heating system is extremely inefficient with many of the radiators not working properly or leaking. We have had a drain pipe break causing extensive water damage in the Dining Room and more importantly we have had several near misses with electrical panel shorts and burned out breakers as the current electrical system is ill equipped to handle the electrical demands of today's students.

Up to this point we have survived with “patch” jobs. The time has come to undertake a major capital program to upgrade the infrastructure and appearance of the Lodge to meet today's and tomorrow's requirements for Building Codes and the evolving needs of the active Brotherhood. The first phase; hiring an architect and developing preliminary drawings and budget costs, as well as a legal review of the plans has been completed. Highlights of the work planned include:

  • Fully gutting the 2nd and 3rd floors to update all of the infrastructure and room furnishings to current codes, including Federal ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements
  • Update heating system to a more efficient and environmentally friendly system
  • Increase occupancy from 28 to 36
  • Restore / install hardwood floors throughout the Lodge
  • Revitalizing the basement as the gathering place by increasing head space, filling in "the pit", and improving ventilation

The price tag for this project? $3.0 million. We will need everyone's assistance in order reach this number. You will be personally contacted by a Brother to gain your support and answer any questions that you may have. The intent is to bring the Lodge up to 21st century standards and ensure that it will continue to be a source of pride for all Brothers "In the Bonds".