A Thing of the Spirit

"Those who educate children well
Are to be honored like parents,
For one gave life, the other the art of living well."

- Aristotle

Alpha Affairs

Spring 2014 Semester: Active Officers

  • #1, President: Anthony Rodriguez E: ChiPsiRutgers@gmail.com P: 718-440-6634
  • #2, Vice President: Alan Meskin E: Meskinalan@gmail.com P: 201-787-3816
  • #3, Secretary: Michael Migliorino E: ChiPsiSecretary@gmail.com P: 732-690-0858
  • #4, Treasurer: Alvin Zhang E: alvinzhng@yahoo.com P: 973-970-5671

Highlights from Fall 2013 Semester
I just wanted to share a huge success for Alpha Rho that happened earlier this week. OFSA and IFC hosted a Tagarista (Awards Night) for all of the Greek Organizations on campus. We performed extremely well once again earning 4 Star recognition with the University. More surprising than that however were the Programming Awards which are based on 9 different categories. These categories include:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Brotherhood Development
  • Chapter Management
  • Community Involvement
  • Greek Community Involvement
  • Leadership Development
  • Membership Recruitment
  • New Member Education
  • Standards and Accountability

Chi Psi was the only one to score 100% in 8 out of these 9 categories making us the "most decorated" chapter on Rutgers campus per the OFSA Annual Report. We got marked off for one question in the academic section that read:
"The chapter budgets funds to assist members in becoming initiates of Gamma Sigma Alpha National Greek Academic Honor Society."

The unfortunate part is that this was a clerical error on our part because it was expected to be allocated in the fall and we allocated in the spring!

Highlights from the 2013 National Convention at Wake Forest University
The number 1, Phil Lubik, P’14 gave a presentation on organizing a 1500 mile bike ride which was extremely well received by everyone in the audience. In addition it generated a myriad of questions from the undergraduates there. As a side note, the ride from New Brunswick to Orlando, with 4 Rho actives and a member of the RU cycling team was successfully completed and they raised over $31,000 for the Embrace Kids Foundation. Other highlights:
  • Phil Lubik won the Tom Brown Memorial Scholarship ($5000)
  • Anthony Rodriguez won one of 5 David Dunlop Scholarship ($4500)
  • Ben Gold won one of 6 Harold "Bones" Lundberg Scholarships
  • Kevin Tobia was awarded the 2nd part of his Stanley Birge Fellowship

In All Things, Excellence

In All Things, Excellence Alpha Rho Active and Alumni Brothers pose with the Thayer Trophy in 2007, symbolic of having been named as the best Alpha in the nation.